Quality Block and Estate Management for Developers

30 March

block and estate management

We complete block and estate management for developers. We work with Developers throughout all phases of their development, to assist with creating service charges and estate charges.

Working with the initial plans drafted by the architects, we produce the developments budget to be in line with the developments required marketing goals. We also work with your estate agent/new build sales team. This utilizes both professional opinions on the levels of service charge or estate charge that are required.

If required we aid developers and their solicitors in drafting development specific leases, and reviewing Section 106 planing agreements. Our experience of working with covenants, leases, Section 106 agreements, transfers etc. helps us in passing this practical knowledge onto the developer. This then makes sure the developments legal aspects are also set up practically.

Our services create a smooth transition from ‘Building by the Developer’ to ‘Occupation by the Residents’. We hold regular residents meetings, and communicate with purchasers throughout the build phases. This allows us to explain how the management of the development works, avoiding the developer of having to deal with management concerns.

With Apex having experience from both sides of the fence (because some of our key stakeholders are developers themselves). Our view on ‘situations and set up’ is from both a managing agent and a developers prospective. We have worked with 5D Solutions and 5D Construction on numerous projects, often as early as the planning stages and the initial purchase of new developments.

We provide a variety of unique thinking points for developers we work for, and truly assist in making sure your reputation as a developer is maintained to the highest of standards. Even when you have completed the site!

For more information on our block and estate management service for developers, please contact us. There is no obligation when receiving a quote from us, so do not hesitate to get in contact.

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