Managing Rubbish and Waste in your Apartment Block

15 July

rubbish and waste

Dumped rubbish and waste, or even in cases where it is being incorrectly disposed, puts burden on residents’ attitude towards their shared areas and has financial implications for its removal.

The responsibility for disposing of rubbish is always with the residents, but some do not treat shared areas as most would expect.

In order to keep on top of your shared areas, by keeping them clean and well managed, you can implement these simple steps;

  1. Watch out for rubbish being dumped in areas where it is not meant to be.
  2. Remove dumped items as soon as possible so more residents are not then also influenced to add more items to the ‘pile’.
  3. Have clear and simple signage to show where rubbish should be disposed.
  4. Educate all residents with letters explaining the correct methods for disposal of rubbish at your property.
  5. If identified culprits continue to incorrectly dispose of rubbish you can take further action with sending them the invoices for the rubbish removal or getting assistance from the council, breach of lease etc.
  6. Ensure all residents understand how to get to bin stores/areas, have all the required access codes and make the disposal of rubbish as easy as possible.
  7. Keep an eye out for any damage caused and have this repaired as soon as possible.
  8. Keep the bin store/area clean, a clean area will encourage others to also keep the area/s clean.

Good management and a proactive approach will keep a positive environment and benefit your property as a whole.

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