How to Get a Copy of Your Buildings Insurance Policy

28 October

buildings insurance

Any leaseholder or RA (Residents Association) can write to their landlord or managing agent to request information about the insurance for their block or estate.

You may find that your lease gives you a right to this information, however if this is not the case residential leaseholders have statutory rights to certain information about the buildings insurance policy (provided the lease was granted for more than a term of 21 years originally). By virtue of the Schedule of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 you can write to your landlord or managing agent for a written summary of the current insurance cover.

Your landlord or managing agent has 21 days from receiving your letter to comply with the requests (they can charge you for making copies, but not for inspecting the documents).

You can ask for a summary of the insurance policy to be provided to you, this should include:

You can have the policy documents posted to you or made available for you to collect from the landlord or managing agent’s office.

You can request to inspect the policy documents at the office of either the landlord or managing agent (whoever holds the documents).

At Apex Property Management we have a transparent policy in place, and provide all of our clients with 24/7 online access to their buildings insurance policy (along with all other documents relating to the managed development, accounts, risk assessments, site inspections etc.).

If you are looking to explore appointing a new managing agent, you can contact us via email: or telephone: 01752 210970.

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